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Thanks to the Allstate Foundation, we are busy putting together information packets and gearing up for our summer campaign!

So many exciting things going on.  We are reaching out locally, inviting small businesses, families and kids K to 12 to do a summer fundraising project for schools in their community.  Funds raised will help with classroom essentials, programs, projects, books and field trips for the incoming school year this fall.

This donation will help us push our mission forward.  Thank you Allstate Foundation for your support, we look forward to sharing success stories you helped make possible.   We also want to thank Kevin Giboney for nominating us for this grant.  Kevin, one of two principals of JUST2DADS is an active volunteer and Board Member of our Organization.



Two years ago today…

… we started this site to share our journey with you.

In the process of filing for paperwork, incorporating, starting a nonprofit organization from a child’s vision, quitting my job to focus on this, dealing with state and federal requirements, finding people to join our board, reaching out to strangers about our mission, trying to find people who believe in our mission, meetings in my kitchen… we’ve had hurdles, road blocks and growing pains but we stayed focused on our mission.  Along the way, we’ve met some great people and learned so much.  We know there is much more to be learned and many more people to meet.

In January of this year, we received our Determination Letter from the IRS.  Cj immediately started her fundraising page to help her school.  Soon after, two other fundraising pages were started for other schools.  Last month, we were able to write the first check to a school and we thought that was the best feeling until we received news of how this helped.  That was more “awesomer”!  (Yes, we are creating our own vocabulary too.)

We can only go forward from here.   Cj wanted to change the world by starting in her own community.  This was her dream, now it’s ours.  Think global, act local…

A DOLLAR A DAY FOR A YEAR - slogan ideas1

This is our mission and we will continue to go out there and invite everyone to join us.

“To help schools raise funds for the children in our communities by creating a simple, honest, visible and effective tool while working together as concerned citizens without personal, religious, political or financial gain, keeping it about the children.”

We know you’re out there… our next pledge.  If you ask yourself why you should, you will find more reasons why your help is so important.

It starts with 1 person, 1 act, 1$.

Join us today, click here to start your page and help us spread the word by sharing this. Thank you, have a great day!

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Our first success story

Great news!  We now have a success story to share.

Here’s a letter from the Principal upon receiving a $365 check from A Dollar A Day For A Year…


Here is an email on how our first pledge helped…

We are able to use the money for supplementing our Math Support curriculum through a program called Junior Achievement. The money will help pay for the workbooks and the culminating field trip costs in June. The curriculum teaches students about financial literacy and promotes wise financial decisions by teaching students about interest rates, insurance, credit cards, taxes, etc. Our Math Support students will take a field trip to Auburn, WA to the Junior Achievement Finance Park and apply what they learned in the program. Here is a link for more information:

Thanks again for making this opportunity possible!

Brian Stewart
Assistant Principal
Alderwood Middle School

Thank you Donors and Fundraisers.  This happened because of you.

It starts with 1 person, 1 act, 1$.

Join us today, click here to start your page and help us spread the word by sharing this. Thank you, have a great day!


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Our first attempt at a video

Performed by, created by and produced by kids… we created a video to help us with our fundraising efforts.  Thank you John Henry and Miara for helping CJ create a video for our cause.  Special thanks to John Henry for his equipment and editing talents that made the finished product so special.  Thank you!  Hope you also enjoy the blooper video!
UPDATE January 17, 2013!  Our online fundraising website is up and running.  Thank you to those who helped us fund our start-up.  So kids… if you’re ready to help your school, let’s get started! Go to to sign up.
The finished product…

Bloopers… enjoy!

If you and your family would like to join our cause, feel free to submit a 1 minute video telling a story why you want to help and how children and schools will benefit from this. For more information, please send your inquiries to:

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Podcast of our first radio interview with Rachel Belle

Here is the online story of our first radio interview.  CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast of the interview and CLICK HERE to read the online story.

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Our First Radio Interview

Rachel Belle, a reporter at The Ron & Don Show at 97.3 KIRO FM here in Seattle is interviewing CJ about how she came up with the idea of “A dollar a day for a year”. This exposure will help us as we launch our fundraising efforts to help us start this program.  Please help us get the word out or donate by clicking here.